Below you can find my list of publications. Alternatively, see my publications on Google Scholar, ORCiD, SSRN, Academia or TUHAT (University of Helsinki database).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. “Money Creation under Full-Reserve Banking: A Stock-Flow Consistent Model”, Cambridge Journal of Economics, forthcoming? (also published as Levy Economics Institute Working Paper No. 851, October 2015).
    1. EViews codes of model REFORM: baseline (“old” steady state) and money creation experiment (transition to “new” steady state).
  2. Proposals for Full-Reserve Banking: A Historical Survey from David Ricardo to Martin Wolf”, Economic Thought 4 (2), 1–19, 2015.
    1. Charles Goodhart and Meinhard Jensen’s commentary.
  3. Leading Indicators of Systemic Banking Crises: Finland in a Panel of EU Countries”, with Juho Nyholm and Peter Sarlin, Review of Financial Economics 24 (1), 18–35, 2015 (also published as ECB Working Paper No. 1758/2015 and Bank of Finland Discussion Paper No. 14/2014).
    1. Supplementary interactive dashboard.

Non Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Jälkikeynesiläisyydestä Tervalalle” [”On Post-Keynesianism to Tervala”], Finnish Economic Journal 112 (2), 244–247, 2016.
  2. Finland in front of the euro crisis” (also published in Italian “I paradossi dell’austerità: La Finlandia nella crisi dell’euro”), Economia e Politica, April 2014.
  3. Tuotannon rahateoria” [”Monetary Theory of Production”], Peruste 4 (4), 16–23, 2013.

Working Papers

  1. Keskuspankkitili kaikille” [“Central Bank Accounts for Everybody”], Left Forum Finland, Aloite No. 1/2015.
  2. Rahoituskriisien ennakoiminen: indikaattorit ja vastasyklinen pääomapuskuri Suomessa” [“Anticipating Financial Crises: Indicators and Countercyclical Capital Buffer in Finland”], Bank of Finland, BoF Online No. 6/2013.
  3. Kuntien valtionosuuksien leikkaamisen ja velvoitteiden vähentämisen tulonjaolliset vaikutukset” [”Income Distributional Effects of Cutting Government Assistance for Municipalities and Decreasing Municipalities’ Obligations”], Left Forum Finland e-Publication, 2013.
  4. Dynamic Effects of Total Debt and GDP: A Time-Series Analysis of the United States”, Aalto University School of Economics, Master’s Thesis in Economics, 2011.

Seminar Papers

  1. “Keynesian Multipliers in a Stock-Flow Consistent Framework”, paper presented at Fourth Nordic Post-Keynesian Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, 20 April 2017.
  2. “Meta-Theory as a Uniting Framework for Economics and Global Political Economy”, paper presented at Varieties of Explanation in Economics, Politics and Global Political Economy Seminar, Helsinki, 4 May 2016).
  3. “Introduction to Stock-Flow Consistent Modeling”, paper presented at Sovereign Money Research Day, Hague, Netherlands, 24 November 2016.
  4. “Exogenous and Endogenous Theories of Money and Banking”, paper presented at World Politics Post-Graduate Seminar, Helsinki, 1 October 2015.
  5. “Approaching the Dynamics of Debt and Financialization in Global Monetary Systems”, paper presented at World Politics Post-Graduate Seminar, Helsinki, 11 April 2013.
  6. “How to Approach the Dynamic Effects of Debt and Financialization?”, paper presented at Politics of Crises: Democracy, Political Thought and Policy-Making in the Era of Uncertainty Seminar, Paris, France, 17 October 2012.

Edited Books

  1. Eurosta ulos vai euro uusiksi? [Exit or Reform the Euro?], Helsinki: Left Forum Finland Report No. 2/2016.

Book Reviews

  1. Keynesiläisyydestä kansantajuisesti” [”On Keynesianism in Plain English”], book review of Pääoman voitto: kasvun, rahan ja kriisien historia [The Victory of Capital] by Ulrike Herrmann, Peruste 7 (1–2), 101–103, 2016.

Other Publications

  1. Rahareformin hyödyt” [“Benefits of Monetary Reform”], with Toma Kavonius, Mika Kolehmainen and Lauri Väisänen, Economic Democracy Finland Publication No. 5, July 2015.
  2. What Will the EU Become When It Grows Up? Young people’s visions on the future of the European Union“ (also published in Finnish ”Mikä EU:sta tulee isona? Nuorten näkemys EU:n tulevaisuudesta” and in Swedish ”Hur blir det ’vuxna’ EU? De ungas syn på EU:s framtid”), with working group, Prime Minister’s Office Publication No. 4/2013 (in Finnish 2/2013 and in Swedish 3/2013).
  3. Täyttä rahaa: ehdotus rahatalousjärjestelmän vakauttamiseksi” [”Full Money: A Proposal to Stabilize the Monetary Economic System”], with Mika Kolehmainen, Tomi Meilahti and Toma Kavonius, Economic Democracy Finland Publication No. 4, October 2013.
  4. Pankin maksukyvyttömyys” [“Insolvency of a Bank”], with Tomi Meilahti, Economic Democracy Finland Publication No. 3, March 2013.
  5. Väärinkäsityksiä pankkitoiminnasta” [”Misconceptions of Banking”], with Tomi Meilahti and Anu Taskinen, Economic Democracy Finland Publication No. 2, January 2013.
  6. Pankkitoiminnan perusteet” [“Banking 101”], with Tomi Meilahti and Toma Kavonius, Economic Democracy Finland Publication No. 1, November 2012 (Revised in January 2013).